HR Blogs I Like

    HR Booklists

    If you're looking for more HR books...

    • Human Resource Management Books on HRM guide. This British website presents a good selection of HR books in 5 categories: HR Management books, Recruitment and Selection, Managing Diversity, Performance Management, Human Resource Development.
    • HRD Press. Offers a large variety of HR books (and other HR tools), sold online.
    • Personneltoday's book reviews. Every two or three months, an article commenting about an HR book.
    • And on, you'll find audio, eBooks and a selection of great books about emotional intelligence, leadership, sustainability and mindfulness. 

    Other Favorite Blogs (non-HR)

    • Brain Pickings. If you like reading and writing, you'll love this one. 
    • My friend Abbie Somma has an extraordinary blog about art, and how it can have a positive influence on our society. It's called artconsciously