Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Emotional Intelligence, by Daniel Goleman

A few months ago, Rosalinda Hernández, Europe Talent Acquisition at Pepsico Europe, recommended me a great book called « Becoming a Resonant Leader ». I saw it as a practical guide about how do you use Daniel Goleman's theory of Emotional Intelligence to become an inspiring leader. Hence my curiosity to know more about this fascinating subject.

Because Goleman's books have been highly influential among managers, you can hear many people talking about emotional intelligence, or “EQ”. I felt the need to understand what realities hide between this widespread expression.

Based on scientific observations (neuroscience, experiments, field studies...), Goleman shows us :

  • How emotions work inside our brain
  • What are the elements of emotional intelligence
  • How the way we manage our emotions impacts our sentimental life, work performance and health
  • How emotional intelligence can be strengthened
  • Why and how it should be taught by teachers and parents

How is this book useful to HR Professionals?

The book reminds us that IQ is just one factor of professional success. When selecting future leaders, for example, we should not focus only on rational intelligence or technical mastery, but also on emotional skills like self-awareness, empathy, communication skills or even optimism.

Another useful insight is that emotional intelligence is not a given for life, but can be improved. To me, this means that if we want to help our collaborators develop, we should use tools like 360° assessments, development centers or the Reflected Best Self in order to strengthen their self-awareness.

The book contains a chapter called “Managing with Heart” that shows how emotional intelligence can make a positive impact on:
  • How to give feedback to employees
  • Dealing with diversity
  • Team performance
This is only a tiny part of the book, though. If you are looking for something more directly linked to your professional practice, you should probably read more specific books by Daniel Goleman, like:


Here's a video interview where Daniel Goleman talks about Emotional Intelligence and its impact in a work environment:

Book Data

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